Hello World!

Welcome to my new personal site. I used to use tumblr to host my website but due to tumblr’s nature I only ended up posting cat pictures… Now that it’s a dedicated website, I hope to writing more often and more long form posts. What about? Most likely about the web and technology in general. In this first post I’ll introduce you to what’s powering this new blog. Read on…


This site is powered by Jekyll and hosted by the nice folks at Github. So what’s Jekyll really? In simple terms, it’s a compiler. Throw it something that it understands and it will spew out HTML. You then get a static site that doesn’t need any server side language to display, yet you get a lot of dynamic features. Instead of generating your web pages every time someone visits it, you do it once and you serve the same output files that were generated initially. If you need to make an update, you run the compiler again. Of course, this doesn’t suit a whole lot of applications but if it’s something that’s quite basic, like this blog, Jekyll is a nice and simple tool.

Jekyll however might not be easy to dive into as it’s mostly oriented to hackers. For starters you need to know how to install a gem which means having Ruby already installed on your system. If all this is familiar to you you can get started at the Github repo for Jekyll and follow the install instructions.

In another post I’ll explain how to build a simple blog like this one using Jekyll.